Seifomat® – Soap dispenser and more

The idea: The idea came up in the 60ies: creating a timeless, elegant bathroom fitting which dispenses pleasantly-scented liquid soap. An important criterion during the realization was the idea that re-filling should be possible from the top.

The development: It started with a conventional basin cock into which a solid brass pump was fitted. A milk bottle acted as soap container then because plastic bottles weren’t yet available on the market. Thus the first model, the Seifomat de Luxe, came into existence. In the course of the years the milk bottle was replaced by plastic bottles with membranes and at the beginning of the eighties the second production series, the vandalism-safe Seifomat safe (the pump is protected from theft by a special screw) was launched successfully. Shortly after that further derivates of the Seifomat safe were placed on the market. Since the beginning of the nineties the third production series, the compact model Seifomat Nova, is available in various designs. The model Seifomat KIGA, developed individually for kindergartens, deserves particular mention here.

The latest development is the Seifomat Varis, a soap dispenser engineered for walls. Its special feature is the corner fixing, however, fixings for walls are also available.

The usage: The Seifomat® is employed in many public buildings, ministries, office blocks, airports, fairs, in airplanes and cruise liners as well as private households. The Seifomat is popular with architects and planners, as the brand represents design, solidity, elegance, reliability and longevity.